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Team member spotlight

Adam struggled with depression, suicide, and substance abuse. His personal story fuels his fire to design and launch Avalo. He's always happy to meet other passionate mental health advocates....feel free to reach out!
Adam Moen

Current development progress

Check back for updates as we get closer to the January 2020 launch of Avalo!

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Partner testimonials

We are looking for professionals and partners looking to take mental health support and access to the next level, here are some of them.
``Adam has always been dedicated and committed to helping bring positive change, we are excited to see how Avalo can improve access to mental health services''
``We are always looking at innovative ways to attract people to support that is meaningful and appropriate for their lifestyle and experience, Avalo could help contribute to new ways of making that possible''
``We are excited about how this can break down the barriers between people and mental health services and are looking forward to using Avalo.``

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