Avalo is the first place to go for free and anonymous mental health support and advice

Avalo is the first place to go for free and anonymous mental health support and advice

Built in Minneapolis, MN with help from folks in Moscow, Montevideo, and Macedonia, Adam Moen and Real EmPowerment Solutions are proud to announce the launch of their latest web platform to make finding professional and peer mental health support simpler.

Founder Adam Moen’s struggle with suicide and depression (explained in greater detail in his TEDx talk) showed him how hard it can be to ask for and find help.

Adam & the Avalo team have spent the last 5 years creating the simplest way to find real, meaningful, heartfelt, and good, like reaallly good mental health support and advice without passing judgement, straining personal relationships, getting the same answers, or feeling like there is nobody to talk to.

Through creating a network of top-notch professional and peer mental health advocates, anyone can now access free mental health support and advice anytime, 24/7 on your phone. Available now for download on iOS and android.

Avalo is built off of the company’s previous mobile app Marbles which had thousands of downloads and facilitated over 25,000 anonymous peer support messages between users.

On Marbles, it wasn’t uncommon for users to exclaim that messages shared contributed to them deciding to avoid choosing suicide.

Avalo will redefine the way people find mental health support by becoming the go-to place when in need or feeling down.

Using a proprietary technology, they will match high quality peers and professionals with individuals reaching out for support by using natural language processing and machine learning to increase the likelihood of a favorable online conversation, outcome, or referral.

This technology will protect the user’s identity, privacy, and personal data and support Avalo in becoming the go-to place for professional and peer support.

For more information or to download today, please visit www.avalo.app and start discovering what it means to always have a virtual support system anywhere you go.

— hello @ avalo.app


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